7 Tips For Finding A Great Personal Injury Lawyer


Tip #1

Engage an attorney who handles strictly Personal Injury Law

With a lot of specially designed laws and practices, Personal Injury Law can be termed complicated at best. Like the proverbial jack of all trade, lawyers who handle all types of cases be it divorce or wills, cannot be well grounded in Personal Injury Law. It’s rare for them to try cases and insurance firms to lowball accordingly. Picking a lawyer who is not an expert in personal injury law puts the efficiency of your representation at huge risk.

Tip #2

Go for a lawyer who has a track record of pushing necessary cases to trial

The majority of the lawyers who claim to accept claims for personal injury do not have a single experience of a courtroom trial at all. What they do is take your case and try to convince you to go for the peanut settlement. One attribute of most insurance firms is their aggressiveness. The moment they are aware of your lawyer’s history of avoiding trials, they will exploit the situation to either offer a disrespectful fee or be reluctant in settling the case.They are aware that your lawyer is only bluffing and would not do a thing. In such situations, the companies know that the lawyer would pressurize you also to lose hope when he realizes that the insuring company would not shift their stance.

Tip #3

Engage an attorney with a verifiable track record of massive settlements and significant judgments

You have to be sure of the capacity of your lawyer to hand you huge judgments or settlement especially if your case is a big one with severe injuries. Try to find out some millions he has ever delivered to a client to know if he is the type that can earn you millions of dollars in verdicts or settlements. Ask him if he is a member of the MDA(Million Dollar Advocates) which is a respected association of lawyers with a history of handling cases valued at least one million dollars.

The reality is that not all cases are deserving of millions of dollars but if you one of such, ensure you are engaging a lawyer who can do a thorough job.

Tip #4

Employ an attorney who is a recognized member of the groups of State & National Trial Attorneys.

Personal injury lawyers who know their onions work hand in hand with other brilliant attorneys experienced in personal injury cases.The fact that, insurance firms are not scared to employ shady means and underhand schemings to frustrate victims makes it necessary to be proactive and be aware of the insurer’s next moves.

Tip #5

Look for a lawyer who has the clout to give your case the required push

Before engaging a lawyer, try to size him up to know if he has been successful in life. You have to weigh his office to see if it signifies a lawyer who is doing fine for himself. It is important to know if the potential advocate has the needed personal assets or credit to process your case adequately. It takes a lot of money to prepare for severe personal injury cases and as such, may require some specialists to handle it. In most cases, doctors’ depositions must be accepted after which, they are expected to make an appearance in court. Additionally, specialists like accident reconstructionists, economists, biomechanics and rehabilitation experts have to be engaged.

It’s possible for the cumulative sum of expenses incurred in a thoroughly prepared case to go above $100,000. You have to be sure that your lawyer has the financial clout to mix with the big players.

Tip #6

You should be allowed to speak to the attorney’s previous clients on request.

An attorney who is sure of himself will have no problem with you talking with his former clients. There should be one or more customers who have been satisfied over the years that he can permit you to speak with.

Are you in Sacramento? In a situation where an accident attorney around there refuses to allow you to talk to his previous customers, you have to analyze the situation. It’s possible that he has done a poor job for his past clients years back which he doesn’t want you to discover.

Tip #7

Hire an attorney who has authored books and delivered lectures in the field of Personal Injury Law.

Make inquiries from your potential lawyer if there are any journals or articles he has written previously or whether he has ever delivered lectures to his colleagues in personal injury law.

Ask him if he has ever presented a Tv show where the public is enlightened in personal injury cases. If the lawyer has not done all the above things before(writing, lecturing or TV show), his knowledge about his field may not be extensive enough.

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