What Is Mesothelioma? Who Are The Top 5 Mesothelioma Lawyers?


What is Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma cancer is not a common type of cancer, and it grows in the covering or lining of the heart, abdomen, and lungs. The primary cause of this cancer is asbestos. No cure has been found for mesothelioma cancer as of today, and it has a very poor prophasis.

The Center for Disease control (CDC) reported the estimated number of diagnosed patients with mesothelioma cancer in the US to be between 2400 and 2800 annually. The main people at high risk are those who handle or are regularly exposed to asbestos. It typically takes about 20 to 50 years for symptoms to appear after exposure to asbestos.

The fact that it has no known cure means that the life expectancy is low. The possibility of survival depends on the location of cancer or tumor and the cell type. Also, the prophasis is also affected by the general health, the age of the patient and the spread of the tumor.

Main Types of Mesothelioma Cancer

The classification of mesothelioma is based on the site or location of cancer in the body. Technically, the lining of some particular organs and spaces called mesothelium are mainly where the tumor develops. Typically, there are about one to three areas in which mesothelioma grows, and they are:

Lungs called Pleural Mesothelioma- develops as a result of inhaling the fibers of asbestos. It is the most diagnosed type of mesothelioma.

Abdomen called Peritoneal Mesothelioma-arises as a result of asbestos fibers being trapped in the peritoneum which is the abdomen’s covering or lining.

Heart called Pericardial Mesothelioma- develops as a result of the deposition of asbestos fibers in the covering area or lining of the heart’s cavity called the pericardium.

Diagnoses of Mesothelioma

It can take about 20 to 50 years for the symptoms of mesothelioma to become evident after initial exposure to asbestos fibers. The fact that the symptoms of mesothelioma are similar to the signs of some other diseases means that there is a possibility of misdiagnoses. When someone reports to the clinic showing symptoms of the disease, different types of tests will be carried out to eliminate the possibility of other conditions. The diagnoses of mesothelioma may take weeks or at times, months to conclude.

After diagnosis, the physician will go on to classify the mesothelioma into one of the discovered four stages. Of all systems used for staging, the TNM system stands out as the most applied. Note that TNM stands for Tumor, Lymph nodes, and Metastasis.

Usually, surgery and other therapy procedures can treat stage 1 and Stage 2 mesothelioma, but Stages 3 and four can only be managed by applying palliative measures.

How to Treat Mesothelioma

Just like in other forms of cancer, mesothelioma is often treated with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.As at today, studies are ongoing to discover new treatments, and there is hope for patients resistant to the standard therapies.

There are some cases where the prophasis of a patient is boosted with treatment, significantly prolonging his or her life.

The Top Mesothelioma Attorneys in The United States

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer which affects the lungs or abdomen’s lining and caused by inhaling fibers of asbestos. Asbestos is materials with a high resistance to heat which is commonly used in insulating materials and fire resistant products.

It is quite important to hire an outstanding mesothelioma attorney even though it is a little tricky. The reason is the complexity involved in detecting, tracing exposure of asbestos, estimating the level of harm done by the accused company, collate reliable proofs and finally get the best possible compensation for clients. This is why there are elite mesothelioma attorneys available today, and they are revered for their determination to go the distance for their customers.


The Top 5 Best Mesothelioma Lawyers 2017


No 5- Jim Sokolove

Jim Sokolov has a massive 38 years experience in cases of mesothelioma and has a track record of assisting almost 266,000 clients from different parts of the US. Jim is one of the very few lawyers who have successfully secured about 6 Billion dollars in recoveries. Sokolove Law, his chambers has helped thousands of people from the whole 50 states of America. He has handled lots of cases involving personal injuring claims, and his clients are always ready to vouch for him.


ELS boasts of a good number of the finest mesothelioma attorneys around. The likes of Jennifer Lucarelli, Chris Meisenkothen, and Robert Sweeney are renowned lawyers. This firm is nationally respected and has popularly recovered millions of dollars for clients exposed to asbestos fibers at different times and in several forms. They have also helped a lot of people that were diagnosed with mesothelioma. ELS has been around for over 30 years handling cases of asbestos inhalation.

No 3- Simmons, Hanley, Conroy

These three lawyers- Jayne Conroy, Paul Hanley, and John Simmons are up there when you think of great lawyers. They are mesothelioma lawyers who have secured over 5 billion dollars for clients in judgments and settlements. They also apply several sophisticated procedures and thorough investigation to properly counsel their clients. They also represent other victims of general corporate offenses.

NO 2- Weitz Luxembourg

Luxembourg and Weitz have been together for a while. Their bond is so strong that they are now a team of mesothelioma lawyers handling cases together. Their first judgment they secured was when they won a case for former employees of Brooklyn Navy Yard. Ever since that famous victory, the chambers have witnessed significant expansion and now has over 80 lawyers under them. Nowadays, Weitz and Luxenberg are known as the country’s richest law firm, and they are famous for offering first class services to clients.

NO 1- Kazan, Mc Clain, Satterley and Greenwood

This company came into existence in 1974 and presently has more than 20 well trained, brilliant and experienced attorneys. Kazan and Greenwood have handled thousands of cases for people and secured huge amounts of compensation. In some cases, these payments helped victims pay for the professional treatment of mesothelioma.

By studying the cases of asbestos exposure and its potential harm to humans, we can observe the growing number of mesothelioma cases.Today, scientists have found and monitored different types of cases. Attorneys from all American states have taken the courage to defend the victims of various exposures to asbestos, and most of them have been widely successful in their quest.

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